lieselot harmanderpal kaur is based in bruges, belgium. as a mother of four kids and her work in nature education and storytelling, she has developed a strong connection to children, nature and music.

singing mantras was her way to find

kundalini yoga. encouraged by the enthusiasm and support of many, she sings her way through the blocks: the ups and downs of life. her songs are liberating, yet comforting experiences which create opportunities to resonate with others.

the mantraband "harimandir" is a close group of friends who come together to share their collective joy with people, big and small. the debut album "begin" was just the start.

in their new album "i honour you", they present an authentic, warm sound which can touch any listener with an open heart.

give it a listen:

Raysofthesun | Musiclabel | AjeetKaur | Hansujot | Harimandir
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