social media marketing


let us expand your creative reach and share your music around the world via

various social media channels.

in an increasingly global community, social media is an indispensable tool for

connecting with supporters and expanding your fanbase.

for this reason, we use mainstream social media platforms like instagram,

facebook and youtube to ensure that your music is internationally available and


we create content for and with you. we’ve prepared a range of ready-to-use

templates and can provide you with a social media business plan. if you like, we’ll

even manage the daily traffic on your accounts, as well.

music marketing


our mission is to ensure that your music is heard: worldwide, on any platform you

can think of.

spotify, napster, soundcloud... you name it! we’ll make it happen!

we work hard to get your releases on relevant playlists and recommended pages

so they can be discovered by current and potential fans alike.

videos & cover design


with our combined creative potential, we would love to support your artistic

journey: not only by creating and promoting music together, but also by designing

cover art, visual communication materials, and merchandise for tours and releases.

additionally, we are prepared (and excited!) to direct, film and edit music videos.

rays of the sun is, first and foremost, a collaborative effort. that means we work

closely with you, the creator. you will always have the last word about your art:

we’re just here to amplify it!


rays of the sun

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