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music has always been our passion – now it’s our profession!

coming together from different backgrounds, our paths eventually led us here to

create something outstanding.

but to understand where we want to go, we must reflect on where we’ve been...

for the past three decades we have worked in retail architecture, planning and building

shops​ for companies such as birkenstock or wellensteyn. and we still do.

in this way, the golden sun society​ ​is the mother of ​rays of the sun​.

while finding success in this field, we never lost the connection to our spiritual side,

our yoga practices and – of course – our love of music. we never stopped creating. feeling. listening.

we made friends with several artists, musicians and creatives of all sorts along the


our first project with an environmentally conscious vision was the construction of

the first ever unpacked and fair fashion shop in witten, followed by a second shop in dortmund.

working with people who make it their responsibility to change the world for the better is our

professional mission and passion.

rays of the sun is the product of our ambition to improve our world, a passion for

music, and our existing team of professionals and friends. the idea is simple –

instead of founding a record label that exploits young artists by offering fame in

return for nearly all of their profits, we founded an association: an egalitarian

community​ in which everyone is empowered to make choices and take artistic action into their own hands.

we are a ​network​ of individuals who share the same passion, the same values

and the same concept of an ideal working environment.

we are artists focused on creative freedom, collaboration, and connection.

take a look at the conditions and how it works ​here​.

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